Why Our Carpet Cleaning Pricing Program Is Simply Better ... 

* Unique Pricing Process

One of the Most Confusing and Frustrating Parts of Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company for Consumers can Often be How their Pricing Works.  We Found a Survey where 1000 Home Residents had Their Carpets Cleaned and Pricing Was Always One of the Top 3 Complaints They Had, (Results, and Dry Times Were the Other Two). 


* It's the Honest Way 

This is Why We Have a Unique Pricing Process That is Very Different to Any of Our Carpet Cleaning Competitors,  While we Do Charge By-the-Room or Areas, We Don’t Price Like a Traditional By-the-Room Carpet Cleaning Company, We will Not Charge you for the Sanitising and Deodorising Solution for your Carpets and Upholstery, Also Most Advertise Prices But If You Miss the Small Print you will have an Unpleasant Surprise at the End, 20% VAT, Spots Removal, etc.

*Our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Process

Even when home & Business Owners Vacuums on a Regular Basis, There is Simply No Comparison to Having your Carpet Properly Vacuumed with a Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner by a Professional Who Does It Several Times Per Day.  The Fact is Even if You Are a Leading Brand Vacuum Cleaner Owner, We Guarantee We will Pull Additional Dry Soil Out of Your Carpet. Dry soil Removal is a Key Step in a Professional Carpet Cleaning Process.

*Spot Removal, Most Standard Spots in Your Carpet Should be Included in Every Carpet Cleaning ...

Standard Spots Included;  Juice, Fizzy Spills, Soil, Dirt, Etc.  The Fact is Most Standard Spots Will be Removed with a (Professional Use) Pre-Spray Cleaning Solution … Why would Another Carpet Cleaning Company Charge Extra for These Spot Removal Services When They Would Come Out with Just a Standard Cleaning That Required no Additional Effort?

*This Step is what Truly Sets Us Apart from Other Carpet Cleaning Companies. 

After applying the Pre-Spray, We Brush the Solution Deep into the Carpet fibres with a CRB (Contra Rotating Brush) Machine .  Without This Step Only the top of Your Carpet Fibres Get Treated with the Cleaning Solution.

By Brushing the Carpet, we Ensure your Carpet Gets Clean from the Base All the Way to the Tips of the Carpet Fibre’s, Giving also a Lift to The Carpet Pile and avoiding Dirt Resurfacing again.

*Top of the Range

We use the Latest and Most Powerful Mobile Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machine Available in the UK’s Carpet Cleaning Industry to Ensure you Receive the Latest and Most Advanced Cleaning Service.

                                    * Our Mission, to Create Xtreme Fan’s One Customer at a Time *

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